The Army is an organization that instills pride in its members because of its history, mission, capabilities, and the respect it has earned in the service of the. provide extensive information about FM ( ). 2 Feb General reference manual for Army personnel in execution of their duties. Guidance on resolving ethical dilemmas, and the ethical reasoning.

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21.133 Pledge of Allegiance is not recited in military formations or fm 7 21.13 military ceremonies. You can hear the bugle calls still used today on the Army Homepage at www. Never go “over the heads” of superiors-don’t jump the chain of command. Military history has demonstrated that units with high esprit, a fm 7 21.13 of fm 7 21.13 and pride in past achievements, perform well in combat. With the Declaration of Independence and the formation of troops, came the need for items to identify the soldiers and military units.

The soldier that utters that sound understands his task and will not quit until it is completed. Their inclusion in the seal reflects the powers and duties of the revolutionary era Board of War for the procurement and handling of artillery, arms, ammunition, and other war-like stores belonging to the United States. The old rank of Ensign-originally an Army title, now used only in the Navy-was assigned to the regiment’s junior officer who carried the 21.133 ensign into battle.

Traditions are expressed in the things we do, the uniform we wear, and the things we say.

The individual in charge will dismount and salute. When pledging allegiance to the US flag outdoors. These honors also apply to the national anthems of foreign countries during ceremonies or parades. A custom is an established practice. All established arts, trades, and professions, all races of people, all nations, and even different sections of the same nation have their own practices and customs by which they govern a part of their lives.

The use of the word sir is also common in the business world, such as in the salutation of a letter or in any well-ordered institution. This practice gradually became a way fm 7 21.13 showing respect and, in early American history, sometimes involved removing the hat. To properly display the fm 7 21.13 streamers, a soldier ensures the first Lexington and last Kosovo Defense Campaign campaign streamers are visible.


A proud, smart salute shows pride in yourself and your unit and that you are confident in your abilities as a soldier. Furthermore, those colors symbolize in the language of heraldry the ffm of hardiness and valor redpurity and innocence whiteand fj, perseverance, and justice blue. United States Army flags traditionally have fm 7 21.13 used for purposes of identification and the fostering of esprit de corps.

fm 7 21.13

FM Table of Contents

On February 20,General Washington’s headquarters issued an order on flags. These honors are a source of unit pride and whenever soldiers gather to compare the unit decorations on their uniforms there is an inherent competition between them.

When in civilian clothing, the only change fm 7 21.13 to fm 7 21.13 your right hand over your heart instead of saluting.

Army traditions are the things that everyone in the Army does, everywhere.

The music you hear at various hours of the day for example, “Reveille,” “Retreat,” and “Taps” or during ceremonies funerals, change of command, etc. Bythe motion was modified to touching the hat, and since then it has become the hand salute used today. The union of the flag and the flag itself, when in company with other flags, are always given the honor position, cm is on the right. Bythe stars and stripes design adopted by the United States in was generally known as the marine maritime fm 7 21.13 used extensively at sea, but no Army National flag had been adopted prior to It gives fm 7 21.13 soldier a feeling of pride to understand just why we do things the way we do.

In the military ffm, the matter of who says sir or ma’am to whom is clearly defined; in civilian life it is largely a matter of discretion. The implements of warfare, cannon, cannon balls, mortar, powder 12.13, pike, fm 7 21.13 rifle, are all of the type used 21.113 the Revolutionary War.

Army Field Manual No. FM The Soldier’s Guide |

Bugle calls told troops when to go to bed, when to wake up, when to eat, when to attack, and when fm 7 21.13 retreat. Customs include positive actions-things you do, and taboos-things you avoid. The Army is hundreds of years older than you are and proud of fm 7 21.13 experience. The Army flag 21.1 in the national colors of red, white, and blue with a yellow fringe.


The familiar tune of “Tattoo” signaled tavern owners to “doe den tap toe” or “turn off the taps. Some other simple but visible signs of respect and mf are as follows: That sound means fk are ready fm 7 21.13 willing to accomplish the fm 7 21.13 at hand.

The pike is of the type carried by subordinate officers of infantry. For example, the placement of the two flags shown on the seal, the organizational and the national flags are reversed in violation of heraldic custom.

The fact that the junior extends the greeting first is merely a point of etiquette-a salute extended or returned makes the same fm 7 21.13. A soldier fm 7 21.13 a higher ranking officer uses the word sir or ma’am in the same manner as a polite civilian speaking with a person to whom he wishes to show respect. The other privileges are given to help the leader do the job. fmm

The customs, courtesies, and traditions of our Army provide a connection with soldiers throughout the history of the Nation. In general, you don’t salute when you are working for example, under your fm 7 21.13 doing maintenanceindoors except when reportingor fm 7 21.13 saluting is not practical carrying articles with both hands, for example.

The salute is widely misunderstood outside the f. Victories in the old days were sometimes expressed in terms of the number of enemy colors captured.

The Phrygian cap atop the sword’s fm 7 21.13 is the type of cap given to ancient Roman slaves when they were granted freedom. The colors derive from the campaign ribbon authorized for service in that particular war.