Buy Mathematical Astronomy Morsels on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Buy Mathematical Astronomy Morsels 3 on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Title, Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, Volume 1. Authors, Jean Meeus, J. M. A. Danby. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Willmann-Bell, Original from, the.

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mathematical astronomy morsels But all of us can acquire plenty of ammunition to settle bets at star parties, test computer programs, and amaze our friends or an astronomy professor with some little-known surprises about the sky and calendar. Further works, published by Willmann-Bell, Inc. It is so long a span matnematical a few mathematical astronomy morsels have fallen into a statistical trap.

They had to work out all their answers laboriously, with a pencil and paper.

The fourth book in this amazing series contains pages of absolutely fascinating facts. Mathematical astronomy morsels “Morsels” by Jean Meeus. From then until his retirement inhe was a meteorologist at Brussels Airport.

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Mathematical Astronomy Morsels | British Astronomical Association

Even worse, their end-of-the-world fears mathematical astronomy morsels escalate. Every time two full moons occur in the same month, pundits in the media take note. Certainly this book will not make astronomy to progress. Here are 68 more subjects that have washed upon the beach of Jean Meeus ‘ imagination.


Mathematical Astronomy Morsels III

When is the Northern Limit the Southern One? He has brought together these and other tidbits from his voluminous writings, spanning nearly half a century, on every sort of celestial configuration, cycle, and curiosity.

His special interest is spherical and mathematical astronomy. Jean is a stickler for accuracy mathematical astronomy morsels although English is not his mother tongue, the book is remarkably free from grammatical and spelling errors. What is the reason that total solar eclipses are more common for observers in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern?

Mathematical Astronomy Morsels IV by Jean Meeus

Jean Meeusborn instudied mathematics at the University of Louvain Leuven in Belgiumwhere he received the Degree of Licentiate in Get an alert when the product astronommy in stock: A Periodicity of Years?

But mathematical astronomy morsels sometimes, even Jean cannot explain his results, such as why in our era do total solar eclipses fall more mathematical astronomy morsels on a Wednesday than any other day? But they say something important about our society. By Jean Meeus, 6. Each conclusion has been checked, and virtually every numerical result calculated afresh, with all the rigor we have come to expect. So why exactly does Christmas fall more often on a Tuesday than on a Monday?

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The fabled blue moon, meaning any rare or unusual occurrence, dates back morsesl least years in the English language. Pop-culture obsessions like these do not originate in the magazines for amateur astronomers, let alone in scientific journals or textbooks. In Jean Meeus wrote Mathematical Astronomical Morsels a collection of about 60 chapters on various aspects of mathematical astronomy that were independent of one another and that could be read in mathematical astronomy morsels order.


And now, just two years later Mathematical Astronomy Morsels V! He goes on mathematical astronomy morsels examine another elusive event, one that the English amateur Horace Dall was lucky enough to photograph with his inch reflector on April Starting out in astronomy.

Catalog Record: Mathematical astronomy morsels | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Click here for a PDF of the Table of Contents From the Reviews The fourth book in this amazing series contains pages of mathematical astronomy morsels fascinating facts. In this third mqthematical of his Morsels series. Saturn, Uranus mathematical astronomy morsels Neptune.

Personally I find books of this type absolutely riveting, and frequently dip into the various volumes. How Often are the Planets Aligned?