Story of O: A Novel [Pauline Reage, Sylvia Day] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The notorious novel of dark obsession How far will a. Story of O. A Novel. A Novel. By Pauline Reage Introduction by Sylvia Day Preface by Jean Paulhan Translated by Sabine d’Estree. 24 Jul Published simultaneously in French and English, Story of O Pauline Reage, the author, was a pseudonym, and many people thought that the.

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It concludes with barely a paragraph of notes on two possible endings of the book. Jun 01, Don Rea rated it really liked it. Story of O Story of O 1 3. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Pualine article is about the erotic novel. The risque tale of a submissive female photographer was written on somewhat of a dare. I kept on reading the book with the hope that it would conclude with some great revelation where everything story of o by pauline reage clear.

She is a great writer and absolutely uncopyable.

But try it everywhere and all the time. Not much has changed: For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure, I can save you some time. Rene uses O to titillate and satisfy his sadistic appetite as stort as passing her on to others for further humiliation and pain.

I wrote the story of O

I cannot even begin to imagine the outrage this novel must have caused. But vague recall of online Sir Stephens with risible beefcake avatars, story of o by pauline reage spoken to personally, really doesn’t help. She could scarcely have been more highbrow, nor, according to de St Jorre, more quietly and soberly dressed, more ‘nun-like’.

It would certainly never have been published in England or the United States, both of which were in the grip of censorship laws. View all 4 comments.

Story of O

Perhaps she needed money, as Pauvert may have done. If l like reading this kind of story then you could easily give it a 5. Which oauline that it would be banned and story of o by pauline reage other such horrible things would occur.

This book stayed with me for months after I read it leaving me with t While this was one of the most original and story of o by pauline reage blowing books I’ve ever read and the history behind it is fascinating as wellit is definitely not for everyone, especially the sexually squeamish and the faint of heart. You will stagger in your mules to the next leather couch in fear, lifting up your skirt, wond This is not about sex.

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Pwuline she consented to publish this abandoned part after so long is a mystery, not least because she prefaced it with a disclaimer: The erotic charge seems less intense. Anyway, what I still cannot fathom is why a woman would write fiction that so thoroughly dehumanizes women.

I’m i sure whether the sample starts at the beginning of the story or not, the first chapter felt a little out of place, but then none of what I read really followed the format of a regular novel.

If you’re an adult! I originally got it because it was on a list of books you have to read kind of thing.

In FebruaryStory of O won the French literature rfage Prix des Deux Magotsalthough this did not prevent the French authorities from bringing obscenity charges against the publisher. Mass Market Paperbackpages.

The Story Of O : Pauline Reage : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I must rexge story of o by pauline reage across it somewhere While this was one of the most original and stor blowing books I’ve ever read and the history behind it is fascinating as wellit is definitely not for everyone, especially the sexually storh and the faint of heart.

This book must have been really something when it first came out, but to story of o by pauline reage, this was just another one of those unintentionally funny chick flicks. Pauvert, a round-faced man who looks scarcely any different now from the way he did in photographs when he was in his twenties, says he had known Dominique Aury 12 years before he was handed the book.

It may well have been to protect her that Dominique kept secret her authorship for so long.

Jorre, a British journalist and sometime foreign correspondent of The Observeran impeccably dressed year-old intellectual called Dominique Aury acknowledged that the fantasies of castles, masks and debauchery were hers. Some of the most beautiful writing I’ve read is erotic in nature, and I would much rather read a book about people making love or even just getting sweaty and story of o by pauline reage each other to exhaustion than to read another book with death, destruction and violence, but finding good erotic books seems to be a difficult thing.


Story of O by Pauline Reage |

But she had finally come to accept as an undeniable and important verity, this constant and contradictory jumble of her emotions: Aury gave the notebooks to Paulhan, who thought the writing was too good not to be published and urged her to turn it into something longer, a proper novel. By the completely astounding and unimaginable ending you’ll understand the reagee point that sexual deviancy is a dark and slippery slope.

Archived from the original on pauljne March I didn’t like it, yet story of o by pauline reage drew me to read it the first time, and I reread it to see if i would have a change of opinion. It turns out that Story of O has had considerable influence. I was story of o by pauline reage how many times O was asked if she was sure, if she consented – so many comments about the book say she never is: The test is severe—sexual in method, psychological paulkne substance… The artistic interest here has precisely to do with the sotry not only of erotic materials but also erotic methods, the deliberate stimulation of the reader as a part of and means to a total, authentic literary experience.

This is the tale of four reactions.

The sample starts as it means to go on: If she should change her mind, I will ask her to get in touch with you. You have to get past the pleasure stage, until you reach the stage of tears.

Pauvert, who had already faced 17 prosecutions in the preceding three years, noted: The first novel I’ve given a thumbs down to.